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Hardware and Software
We are here to serve all your IT needs

Sourcing hardware from multiple vendors can be a trouble. We are here to simplify all your attaining needs by providing you with a single point of contact to manage all your IT equipment.
Clutch offers end-to-end best in class IT Services and Solutions with continuous improvements to adapt the changes in the technology landscape and help our clients to be agile with their IT Infrastructure and Solutions. In short, Clutch partners with you to acquire, design, implement, and maintain technology  and data center solutions that are essential for your organizational needs.

Data center Solutions
Our core data center solutions are focused on IT modernization, performance
enhancing and cyber security

Each day more devices join the IT environment our customers must manage. This has created a greater need for a robust network to support end user access. We help our customers in the WAN, LAN, data center, WLAN and every other layer of the network stack you can think of.

Storage & convert solutions

Clutch provides Storage & Convert Solutions for simple and scale-able IT solutions.we offer new possibilities for the straightforward configuring, and management of processes and structures. In short, we help carry out Processes at a high level of process complexity and efficiency.



At the heart of IT are applications and the platforms that host them. We offer cutting edge solutions in server and virtualization. Whether it’s converged
infrastructure, hyper-converged solutions, blade servers, rack servers or SANs we have our customers covered.

Client Devices

Technology is the key to transform your business environments to be more efficient, productive and cost-effective. We provide you with a full range of devices from high performance workstations to mobile technologies.


The world of software can be complicated. Each manufacturer has a different Enterprise Agreement or pricing schema. Clutch has partnerships with many of the major software providers. We can help you find the best software solution to fit your business.

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