We're proud to partner with AWS to accelerate customers through each stage of their AWS Cloud Migration journey.
AWS Partner for Cloud Migration

Migrate to the Cloud with Clutch IT Simplify

Clutch Solutions is a global AWS Partner focused on AWS Cloud Migration and
on helping customers alleviate their on-premises technical debt to create the budget for their migration and Simplify IT at each stage of their cloud journey with our
Clutch IT Simplify Program.

Budgetary Savings
on Upcoming Hardware Renewals

Clutch helps businesses avoid IT hardware refreshes and long-term costly hardware renewal contracts, creating potential 50%+ cash savings. Our team works with your infrastructure technology specialists to give your organization what it needs to thrive.

Turn IT Assets
Into Cash

Migrating due to cost-prohibitive IT assets? Clutch can help! We’ll evaluate your assets’ fair market value and offer a cash upfront or staggered payment plan throughout the migration. You can even use the freed-up funds towards our 1,500+ Marketplace partnerships!

Avoid Refreshes & EOSL Dates
Throughout Your Migration

Clutch helps businesses avoid EOSL dates by providing alternative cost effective options to continue to use your IT Assets until you have fully migrated, avoiding a long term costly refresh. Helping keep capital expenditures down while scaling into AWS.

Deinstallation & Data Center
Evacuation Services

Clutch can deploy boots on the ground technicians to your data center. Our field technicians will help un rack, un cable, data sanitize, pack and palletize to help you effectively evacuate your data center within your timelines.


Clutch Solutions is the only unique global partner to AWS providing a fully funded Optimization Licensing Assessment (OLA). In addition to this OLA, we also evaluate the IT hardware to monetize the assets and the hardware contracts associated to cost optimize budgetary savings throughout customer’s migration journey by 50%+. This dual assessment helps create the best budgetary path forward for our customers into AWS.

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