Clutch Players: John Benson

What is it that brings the *value* to Value Added Reseller (VAR)? It’s our incredible people. At Clutch Solutions, our top-notch professionals provide the most outstanding service because they bring their unparalleled expertise and experience in applying technology to your business.

Among our phenomenal Clutch Players is John Benson, a Field Account Executive. John focuses on building relationships to help our clients, partners, and team come in Clutch to achieve their goals.

Get to know John and how he makes a difference for our clients and partners at Clutch.

How did you come to work at Clutch?

Interrupted a sales presentation at Sophos event to speak with Garrette.


What drove you to pursue this field?

The ability to make a consistent impact in someone’s role/life and the freedom to have a work/life balance.


How do you stay current on technological trends?

Read the Channel Review News and put my apple news on tech announcements on IT and cybersecurity.


What’s the most rewarding part of your role?

Forming long-lasting relationships with clients.


What do you wish you knew more about that you don’t already?

I could always use more life experiences and more knowledge in the stock market.


What would you say to professionals who might be thinking about coming to Clutch?

If you are looking for a company that will give you the tools to grow professionally and give you a more entrepreneurial mindset this is the place where you will be given all the tools for that success and more.


Fun Facts:

I have a major phobia of:

Flash Floods


My favorite book I could read over and over is:

How to be a Rainmaker


My favorite comfort food is:

Turkey Chili


My favorite quote is:

“Make your day as fun as you make it look on Facebook.”

Matt Brandenburg


My favorite sport and team is:

Detroit Redwings – Hockey


My local hotspot is:

Chop Shop


My specialty meal to cook is:

Avocado Toast


The best place I’ve ever traveled to was:



The funniest movie I have ever seen is:

Beverly Hills Ninja


The one chore I absolutely hate doing is:

Dog Waste Duty


The one thing that always makes me laugh is:

Walking in the office and seeing Matt’s face before I walk back to my cubicle


The strangest food I have ever eaten is:

Chicken Heart