Education is changing and Clutch is here to help.

The recent years have been a catalyst for schools to transition to hybrid education. With a mix of in-class and distance learning, teachers, students, and parents now rely on new solutions to ensure that education and communication can exist outside of a physical classroom. With Clutch Solutions and our partners, both teachers and students can now flourish without the need to physically be in the same classroom.

Ensuring the perfect combination of technology and how that tech is implemented is key for motivating your students. That’s why Clutch Solutions and our partners strive to give educators access to the best possible tools and equipment to create learning spaces where students can excel.

Logo de la société Lenovo
Logo de la société Lenovo

La première étape de la conception de votre nouvelle salle de classe consiste à réfléchir à votre objectif principal. Votre nouvelle salle de classe sera-t-elle axée sur le travail de groupe ou sera-t-elle ajustée pour encourager l'apprentissage individuel ? Suivra-t-elle des plans de cours traditionnels ou sera-t-elle simplifiée pour encourager le type de créativité qui découle des programmes STEM ? Les possibilités d'aménagement de salles de classe et de configurations technologiques sont infinies et Clutch Solutions est là pour vous aider à naviguer sur la carte des possibilités.

With the use of innovative tech like Windows 10 educational devices and Google Chromebooks both inside the classroom and out, the ongoing challenge for educators is maximizing your students’ freedom while still keeping them safe. Clutch Solutions can help you navigate the fine-line between giving your students educational options while not compromising their digital safety.

Whether it’s threats to your school’s cloud security or remote access crypto mining schemes, Clutch Solutions has the experience to help you defend against modern cyber threats. Protect vital endpoints, gain network visibility, and ensure true network segmentation with the help of Clutch’s solution architects and our elite network of technology partners.


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