How Threat Intelligence Can Make Your Cybersecurity Efforts Better | Clutch Solutions

When you buy commercial insurance, understanding the threats that your business is likely to face over the course of its lifetime is vital to getting the proper coverage in case of an emergency—and when you are planning to mitigate cybersecurity risks, the process should really be no different.

Understanding what might happen to your business’ online operations is a key way to make sure you are protecting against the possible scenarios that might occur, which is where threat intelligence comes in. Threat intelligence is the ability to anticipate how a cybercriminal might attack an organization, and with this knowledge, you can take the proper actions to reduce your risk. Below we will look at how threat intelligence can make all the difference in your business’ security efforts and save you time and money in the process.

Improving Your Cybersecurity With Threat Intelligence

Understand all the possibilities for attack. If you are going to protect against an attack from bad actors out there on the web, it is important to understand how and why they may want to target your organization. Cybercrimes can be extremely profitable, especially when carried out on small businesses without many security resources—that is why it is vital to understand what type of valuable data your business carries and how you can protect it.

Make sure you are taking proper protection steps. While the capabilities of cybercriminals can be far-reaching and frightening, it is important to do what you can to protect your organization. For example, making sure your employees are not using bad passwords or accessing company resources from personal devices is a great way to lock down your system from the inside out.

Keep watching for possible threats. In many instances, companies may not even realize that their valuable data has been breached if they do not have the right monitoring capabilities in place. Being certain that you are keeping an eye on every asset your business has—yes, even the digital ones—will ensure that you are aware of exactly who can see your data at all times.

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