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With more and more employees working from home, many of which will be doing so indefinitely, unprecedented security issues have arisen due to the sheer number of attack surfaces available for breaches. Because employees are accessing work data from home networks (and sometimes home devices), there are many more areas that have been made vulnerable by remote integrations.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that CIOs can increase their security and make sure that everyone in their company is resilient to dangers. By knowing what threats your company may be facing, you can ensure that working from home is a safe option from a health standpoint and a security standpoint.

Security Issues to Be Aware of as a CIO

An expansion of the overall attack entry points. With an increase in the number of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, at-home device connections and new applications, hackers have plenty of opportunities to find and exploit weaknesses.

New challenges arise from multi-cloud environments. Misconfigured cloud servers and insecure APIs can present danger on their own, but in a multi-cloud environment, this danger is compounded. As employees access these environments, in addition to downloading Software as a Service (SaaS) tools to their devices, there are more potentials for issues to arise.

Tightened budgets hindering security. While some businesses have experienced an extremely fruitful year, others have had to cut back on previously robust budgets—and often, cybersecurity is the first line item to be reduced. Unfortunately, implementing, improving and maintaining cybersecurity efforts can be a costly endeavor, and organizations that do not allocate enough budget to the process can put themselves at a significant risk.

Employees can lead to vulnerabilities. Insider threats from current employees can lead to serious issues, whether due to malicious intent or security negligence. Many users will have access to things that they do not necessarily need in the back-end of your system, but if they chose to access these data points, could cause harm to the company. Additionally, simple things like using common passwords or downloading unapproved software to their work computers can leave the organization vulnerable to attack.

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