What Does Your Team Need to Work from Home? | Clutch Solutions

…technically speaking, that is. We know everyone needs a good alarm clock, a fuzzy blanket and an ever-full coffee pot. But this blog focuses on the technical requirements that can make work-from-home either fabulous or a great big flop.

First, let’s talk about your strategic approach. We now know pandemics can happen at any time—and can be majorly disruptive.

Forward-thinking companies need to be ready to move to a distributed work environment and stay in a remote posture for long periods of time. Some companies, such as Microsoft, are already changing course so most positions are up to 50% from-home going forward.

That means any work-from-home policies or platforms you adopt needs be scalable and future-ready. It also means new technology purchases should be looked at critically: is this equipment tough and mobile? If not, can it be securely accessed remotely?

Now let’s look at some fine points:


To ensure standardization, Ars Technica senior technical editor Lee Hutchinson advises equipping everyone with a basic technical kit, including “the same class of laptop or workstation that they’d get in the office”. Stipends may do the same trick, but consistency will make rollouts and remote trouble-shooting easier.

Other basic tech items include:

• Full-sized external monitor(s) for laptop users

• Ergonomic keyboard

• Mouse and trackpad

• USB hub


Slow connections and bandwidth limitations can plague remote workers. A hard Ethernet connection generally offers higher performance than wireless.

For homes with a wireless network, your workers will need a good router, for preference a WiFi 6 (AX) router. Mesh WiFi systems are great for homes with multiple workers and students hitting the Internet at the same time.


Dedicated work machines are a great start here, but to really address security, use a VPN so workers can connect securely to your company network. Add a security platform encompasses endpoint devices and routers alike.

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